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There is nothing in life more wonderful than celebrating the arrival of a sweet new babe. CONGRATULATIONS!


True story, I get awfully mushy about this part of the process. There is something about starting our journey together early that makes me feel like family. In fact, there is a good chance that when your sweet new babe arrives and I get to meet them for the first time, my eyes fill with tears. It's like we have all been waiting for their arrival for months and they are finally here in all their beauty. 

My maternity sessions are sometimes mamas by themselves in all their pregnancy glow or sometimes include the whole family {the best ones including a pup or two too}. 


Collections start at $650


"Working with Lauren was an exceptional experience! She went above and beyond during difficult conditions, including rain and snow. I would give her a 5-star rating and recommend her to all of my family and friends!"

- Mandy H.

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