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Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, various career moves have led me to the South and we are now settled in Little Rock, Arkansas. We love the sweet community that allows us to walk to coffee every Sunday, and we own the Chick-fil-A just right down the road from our home. I spent many years as a florist which sparked my creative interests that have led me to see family portraits as equal parts art and reality. 

My passion is capturing families as they are- including the mess, love, and honesty. I am passionate about the art of photography- understanding composition, coloring, angels, textures, and how to ensure your portraits are something you are proud to share for generations. 

Family portraits can be a stressful time, finding a date, scheduling hair cuts, thinking through the wardrobe, getting the entire family ready, and then praying they behave (looking at you, husbands). I make it my goal to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. Even going so far as to providing and planning the wardrobe for you.


I have studied prompts and poses that will help everyone to interact and forget about the camera. I see this as a major value I add to your experience- specializing in babies and kiddos.

I recently started learning film photography. This has grown my passion for photography even further. The light, coloring, and art of film just cannot be duplicated with digital. I consider it my duty to stay engaged in the world of photography- constantly revolving, growing, and pushing myself to give my clients the best product I possibly can.

I believe in the art of simplicity. You do not need the most beautiful background, exciting props, or a complex wardrobe to make you beautiful. Let’s scale it back to a white wall, linen dress, and YOU. Not only does this make the experience less stressful, it produces timeless and beautiful photos as well.

Hi, I'm Lauren.

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